WordSearch Hero

1) Every board is unique, built from 78 theme categories containing over 15 000 theme words.
2) All dictionary words can be spelled, but theme words provide extra points.
3) Realtime leaderboards rank you against other players playing the same wordsearch puzzle board
4) Create your own avatar for the leaderboards with billions of combinations to choose from.
5) Collect items to unlock skills, change game colors and modify your leaderboard avatar.

Anagram Hero is our next game

Currently in the late stages of development, Anagram Hero will feature the format you know and love from WordHero with updated graphics, statistics and other goodness.

In fact, we will be back porting a lot of the tech to WordHero when we get time.  We also started work on a 3rd game, but ssshhh…   🙂

[WordHero] gets a new Icon

The old icon was getting a little tired, and our graphics guy thought he could do better.  The result is shown here.  We rolled it out in the v5.5 update.

Future updates will bring a new GUI (most of the architecture is being done in Anagram Hero and will be back-ported to WordHero) and other goodness.

Image ( sample )