Information we collect and how we use it

Player name – we use the name you have signed up with to create a unique database entry for your Player profile

Email address – if you supplied this, it is retained in your Player profile and may be used to contact you with information about updates to the game client. We do not sell or share your email address with anyone, nor do we plan to do so in the future.

Statistics – the server collects statistics on your playing, including total number or words, total score, number of games played, best word, etc

Game results – at the end of each game round, we collect all the scores to rank Players and generate the leaderboards. We may also examine the results for cheating and will take appropriate action against any people we deem necessary (at our sole discretion).

Screenshots – we may use screenshots including information from leaderboards for marketing or other purposes.

Datacenter hosting

Our games are hosted on Google AppEngine. AppEngine may redistribute load to any of their hosting centers in a variety of geographic locations. It is likely that we store and process information outside your own country. Google AppEngine’s Privacy Policy is available here:

Accessing your data

We will make a good-faith attempt to provide you with access to your data or to delete it at your request. We will ask Players to identify themselves and the information requested to be accessed or removed before processing such requests. We may decline to process requests that are deemed unreasonable (at our sole discretion), repetitive or require disproportionate technical effort, or would be impractical.

Deleting your data

You can delete your WordHero data here.

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